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SJLG and the Case of Being

Sara Jean Larsson Greenberg loves playing, making noises, blowing glass, kiln-casting glass, running around, staying awake for extended periods of time, long walks on the beach and (almost) all things blue.

SJLG graduated in May of 2013 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from NYSCC at Alfred University. Originally from Long Island, she moved to Western New York for the university years. Like many children, SJLG struggles with questions such as "what will I actually be when I grow up?," "how many licks will it take ME, as my own body, to get to the center of a tootsie pop?," "why is everything so weird?," and "chinese food?"

For a time, SJLG lived in a sleepy town in Vermont, but has relocated to Anchorage, Alaska.

She dreams frequently of brightly colored oceans, and, through no fault of her own, still imagines going places and doing things forever.



Much of my work deals with the strange idea of reality, both in the collective and the individual.  I try to convey these ideas in mixed media installations, performances, and events, however, most often I find myself drawn to glass and inescapable pattern and sound.  I have been making a lot of noises, primarily under the moniker Wash Your Hands, (briefly) as a member of Bichael No, and most recently as a part of the band French Jessica and the Rememberants Remembering Antz Remembering the End of the World, silk screening, and remembering why I love trimming lips with straight shears.

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